Tundra Rock (NOR)

Hailing from the west of Norway, the four-piece Slomosa have been making waves across borders. Based out of Bergen, Norway the band has coined their own genre - Tundra Rock - drawing their influences from the bands of the 90’s rock scenes. Inspired by bands such as Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age and Sleep, their music is both heavy and groovy at the same time, with raw vocals and thunderous guitars, topped with catchy hooks. Since their start the band has built up a solid reputation as a live band, with their energetic and loud live shows.

After eighty(!) concerts in 2022, the Norwegian tundra rock phenomenon Slomosa thunders on again in 2023 - the year they finally release new music.

Their debut album hit the international stoner rock scene in late 2020, and the quartet quickly got picked up and booked "everywhere" when the world finally opened up again. The tours with the Kyuss-legends in Stöner (US), Orange Goblin (UK) and Sasquatch (US), put the band in front of crowds in 17 European countries in 2022, with the concert year culminating with their unexpected appearance in a packed tent in front of 8000 at French Hellfest.

Their drive and tireless playing have earned them a reputation as a special live band among audiences and critics alike - a live band that continues to deliver uncompromisingly night after night. With their distinctive mix of high energy and heavy swamp riffs, the venues explode into an intense atmosphere when the band starts their catchy riffing.
After a winter where they have harvested their riffs and cooked up fresh tunes ready to be served, it is a full-on Slomosa beast hitting the road in 2023. Don't miss one of the big rock concert highlights of the year

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